Ben Lower, Mitarbeiter aus dem Bereich Windows Phone bei Microsoft, rief vor kurzem zu einem Contest auf, bei welchem Design Ideen für Apps eingereicht werden konnten.

Jetzt wo die Gewinner für den Bereich Design feststehen werden Entwickler gesucht, die diese Ideen umsetzen möchten.

Hierzu die Originalmeldung:

Calling all Developers!

Keep reading this if you:

· Are looking for a great app idea

· Want to work with award winning designers

· Like the idea of making some additional money and possibly getting exposure at Mobile World Congress

Last month, Core77 launched the “Fast Track to the Mobile App Contest” and challenged designers to design & build amazing experiences for Windows Phone that focus on productivity/getting things done. The submissions are all in. We’ve seen them and there are amazing app designs just waiting to be built. That is where you come in…

Many of the designers need help from developers to get the apps created & submitted. If you’re interested in working on some great designs, getting some great exposure (the top 5 apps have a chance to be shown off at Mobile World Congress), making some money (if you choose to sell the app in marketplace) or getting a new phone then please let Core77 know at They will collect information from interested developers and then the designers will get in touch to explore working together. Don’t wait as the developer page will close on December 11.